Help I'm Old


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Remember in the 60's when you used to look at your parents and think... wait.. you remember the 60's? Gosh, you're old. So am I.

Age is a state of mind. But it is hard to stay ahead when you keep being passed on the Information Super Highway.

I'm here to help. I can't make you younger but I can guide you gently into your future.

You can still tell those damn kids to get off your lawn, then afterwards you can brag about it on twitter.

Want to let all your friends know about the great deal you got on a condo in Florida? Post it to your facebook status and update your tumblr.

You could be the next YouTube star, or the next foursquare mayor of your podiatrist's office.

With my help, you'll have the whole internet at your fingertips while you cruise through the sunset of your life.

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